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What makes a good recruitment consultant?

20th November 2019

What makes a good recruitment consultant, certain characteristics spring to mind; confidence, approachability, listening skills, patience, and strong communication skills are all crucial elements of what it takes to deliver good candidates and maintain client relationships. My time in recruitment is all but 9 months, coming from a competitive sporting background where results were driven intrinsically from a strong desire to work towards the best of my ability. The crossover from top level sport to the business world is something that is not an easy pathway for most as they adapt to a new form of life away from the training regime and into the office environment. Albeit there are many transferable skills that translate into the business world from top level sport, or just sport in general.

What it teaches you are what I’m finding very relatable to my current role, sport has its moments of triumph and disaster, and the famous Rudyard Kipling quote can be drawn upon “If you can meet triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters as if they were the same” it is times where you learn to take the rough with the smooth.

Of course recruitment is not a sport, but look at what principles Sir David Brailsford has brought into British Cycling, Team Sky (now Ineos) those small percentages add up to make ‘marginal gains’ be it doing that extra email at the end of the day or one more phone call, it all adds up to overall performance.

One thing that I must add to this article is empathy, changing jobs is one of the biggest things you do in life. The average person spends over 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime, I’ll leave it to the statisticians to debate this, but either way that is a substantial amount of time. The decision to move jobs depends on numerous factors, be it new challenges, re-structuring of teams, or looking for that next step in career earnings. This emotional impact of moving draws on many aspects, emotions of which I myself have had to go through in embarking on a completely different career path than what I was on 9 months ago. I may not directly be able to put myself in my candidates’ shoes, but I will certainly look to understand their motives, and personal circumstances and always do what I feel is best for them.

To summarise, recruitment is not a straightforward sales role. It brings in many complexities, not only from the mental side, but the competition with other agencies to deliver the client the most suitable candidate. To outrun the competition and satisfy the clients requirements, one must have instilled the discipline, and integrity to do the right thing. All traits I am happy to say are embedded at the core within Arthur, this develops belief that you are doing the right thing.

No route trodden is an easy one, suffice to say I am enjoying the process of learning about a historical and multi-faceted industry that is Insurance. The future doesn’t belong to the fainthearted, it belongs to the brave.


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By Harry Springall


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