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Day in the life

A day in the life of Nikki Foxall – Key Accounts Manager

Meet Nikki, part-time key account manager at Arthur, and full-time mum to two toddlers.

Early doors

I get woken by one of my two alarm clocks any time from 4am depending on how kind they’re being to their mum! Then it’s a hurricane of Peppa Pig, odd socks, finding missing shoes, and bribing them with biscuits to keep ‘hanger’ at bay.  I drop them off at their nursery school for the breakfast club around 7.50am.

Flexibility is a life saver

Having the flexible working arrangement at Arthur is a huge relief as you never quite know how your morning will go with a 1 and a 3-year-old. Working at home gives me the flexibility and gift of extra time, if one of them is upset or just being a typical awkward toddler.

It gives me the extra time to dedicate and focus on them.  A stark difference from rushing out of the front door with an upset child which results in an emotional morning drop off and mad dash for the train to London

Favourite time of the day

All being well, my favourite time of day is returning home and making myself a hot coffee and breakfast and being able to shower in peace and quiet before I log on remotely.

My working day is usually structured around calls – internally with the hiring managers, and externally with potential recruitment consultants I am sourcing. In between these calls I am searching for future Arthur team mates and reviewing job applications.

Working remotely, it’s important for me to connect with my colleagues as I would in the office. That’s why I really enjoy the video calls I have throughout the day.  I especially love the company morning catch up on a Monday, and the regular senior managers meetings.

The equilibrium

Working from home in a part time role provides me and my family with a brilliant work life balance. I’m able to do a day’s work but also save time preparing dinner in advance or pick my children up earlier than I usually would if I had to commute back from London, usually around 4.30pm.

But I also really look forward to and enjoy my one day a week in the London office. It’s great to catch up with my work friends, walk around the City to get some fresh air, and enjoy socialising with a glass of wine after work.

The wrap up

Working 3 days a week I have to be careful with my limited time and focus on the time sensitive, urgent requirements. Prioritising is important and I’ll always finish my working day making a list of things I need to do before logging off to have some family time and most likely, a glass of wine!