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IR35 and the Contractor perspective

14th August 2019

Working in contracting for over 3 years I have seen a few regulatory changes, but IR35 seems to be taking the biscuit for private sector contractors within insurance.

IR35 has been in place since 2000 and the changes to the regulation will be launching into the private sector from April 2020, which has caused uncertainty for contractors within the insurance industry.

So, what do contractors know about it? …

I put out a small questionnaire to see which areas of information contractors are lacking and where they currently get their information from. So far it seems like there is limited information available and people aren’t too sure where to get the information from.

With the new legislation due to be concrete in September and be effective from April 2020, there are some pressing concerns for contractors if clients don’t take the time to consider how contracts can fall outside of IR35.

25% of large London market insurance companies consist of contractors, and with these changes to legislation it could have a significant impact on both contractors and clients. The majority of contracts tend to be for extra help to reach deadlines, and we all know, insurance has its share of deadlines… So, if companies don’t consider looking at contracts in detail and work on altering roles to fall outside of IR35, they might not get the help they need.


Findings from my mini questionnaire:

  • Contractors will be less attracted to a project should it fall within IR35.
  • Demand for contractors will be higher due to this, which could mean rates will go up, costing companies more.
  • Deadlines will be missed if companies’ demands are as high as it has been throughout 2019.
  • There needs to be more information on tax implications, what companies’ plans are to get contracts outside of IR35, and where is best to find legitimate advice.


If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch with me on or 0203 5877 197.


By Rosie Hilton – Senior Consultant of Interim Actuarial, Risk & Catastrophe Modelling 



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