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Management: Challenge Accepted

25th September 2019

I have been at Arthur Financial now for 5 years and, over that time, I have learned a huge amount about recruitment and the two markets I cover – Risk Management and Catastrophe Modelling. I am lucky to have been part of a company where my development has been recognised and nurtured throughout this period, my performance rewarded and future career plans laid out before me. 


As I write, I am one week into my latest challenge: having the responsibility of managing others. This is the result of a choice I made around a year ago to pursue a management route rather than solely focusing on my own performance and delivery. Arthur offers development plans for either career path but, for now, the attraction of building out a team to improve our market coverage, to make us more effective in our delivery to roles and to give me the chance to help and train others have proved considerable motivating factors to choose the management pathway.


As many highlighted to me when I first made the decision to choose management, the reality of management has already thrown up a few challenges! To name just one of many realisations I’ve had so far; the time that management takes from you, especially in the initial phases, is considerable!


I can tell already that it will be a long journey to gain competence in management with many lessons to be learned along the way but I am also getting some initial glimpses into the satisfaction it can bring. I thank Alex, the person who is (un!)fortunate enough to be reporting into me, for her efforts in this first week and I look forward to continuing on this journey.



To help me down this path now, I put it to you, the reader: what have you learned most from being a manager yourself or from managers around you? What other realities should I be aware of? What mistakes have you seen your manager make that you would warn others against? Who has been your best manager and why?


I would welcome your feedback on the above and any advice you feel you can offer. Over time, I will keep you updated on my progress and the lessons and issues I encounter along the way!


To get in contact with me call 0203 5877 530 or email


By Tom Coates

Managing Consultant – Risk Management & Catastrophe Modelling



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