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Its getting to that glorious time of year when many men around the World get to sport a Crumb Catcher, a Lip Warmer or indeed a Soup Strainer.

That’s right, we’re getting close to the wonderful month of ‘Movember’ and all that it represents and this year they need our support more than ever. For those who aren’t aware of who Movember is and what they represent allow me to give you the elevator pitch.

The story starts in 2003 in Australia where two friends; Travis Garone and Luke Slattery, were catching up over a beer and they came up with the idea of using the conversation starter of growing/owning a Mo’ as a way for guys to start talking about the issues that can/do plague specifically men – namely; prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s suicide. Since those heady days in 2003 where just 30 Bro’s took part and $0 were raised, 17 years later there has been almost 6 million participants and in 2018 (UK Only) they raised a staggering £10million. Worldwide that number was an even more impressive £56million.

With everything that’s going on this year I appreciate that money, for many people, is tight. However the correlation between economic downturn and suicide rates is well documented and has been highlighted recently in the wake of the pandemic;

If you could find the time to send some money across to my fundraising page I would be forever grateful and probably owe you a drink in some way or another.

‘Movember – Changing the face of men’s health’

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