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Recruiters are good people

5th September 2019

We all know that recruiters possess a stereotype, where we are worse than estate agents and parking wardens… (it hurts..), but believe it or not, we can be so much more than that. Unfortunately some recruiters just don’t bother to change that perception (which hurts even more).

I need not bore you with bad recruitment experiences of others where we have been painted “bad people” or questioned “are you all a*seholes?”, or “I received my own profile from a recruiter when I was hiring for my team” – that one made me laugh a lot; it’s a real life story *cue eye roll*.

There are a lot of ups and downs of the ‘normal’ recruitment life, but what makes a good recruiter in my opinion is the skill that makes you the “Consultant” part of your job title…

I was on the phone the other day to a mother of a potential candidate who had just achieved straight A’s in his A-levels, and she needed advice. It reminded me of the impact we can make on someone’s career, and life. Her son wanted to go travelling for a year to figure out what he wanted to do, and the mother wanted him to carry on studying, get a career in finance, and never look back.

Unluckily for the mother I’m a huge advocate for advising people to run away to the other side of the world and figure out who they are and what they want. Ask a previous colleague, she’s still in Australia after 3 years ago I told her to get out of London and ‘live a little’! Apologies to the business she was previously in but she’s still in recruitment making a success of herself, just the other side of the world.

Getting to the point, this was a situation where recruiters can help beyond finding a candidate a job.
We receive multiple CVs, know what hiring managers are looking for from a person/profile, the current movements of the market, and what that could look like for your future. We have first hand knowledge on what you need to know about the sector you want to move within or into, which includes salary and rate benchmarking.
Feel free to challenge your recruiter. We should relish questions like “when is the most active time in the market to apply for a job?”, or “is the market busy at the moment?”, or “if I want to get out of banking and into insurance, how do I do that?”

You don’t necessarily need to contact a recruiter because you’re actively looking. Sometimes it’s nice for us to meet for a coffee and discuss these wider subjects which may help longer term. Sometimes I just want to convince you to travel and not take a new role!

If you are interested in having a chat with me or need any advice, you can contact me on or 0203 5877 197.

By Rosie Hilton – Senior Consultant of Interim Actuarial, Risk & Catastrophe Modelling 



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