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The Real C Word

It may very well be due to my spending an inordinate amount of time on LinkedIn but it does seem like the world has gone a little mad. It might surprise you that I am actually not qualified to offer an opinion on how deadly Coronavirus may or may not be and if Herd Immunity or Social Distancing is the way to go. Despite what the C Grade in GCSE Biology might suggest. No, what I’m talking about is the seemingly never-ending articles, videos or blogs around working from home. Today in the Daily Mail (don’t judge), as one of their lead features they showcased some of the enviable ‘Home Set-ups’ people had for themselves from all around the globe. Some of the set ups were incredible; ergonomic chairs, standing desks, fluffy rugs, amazing lighting, cats and the ever-present Mac Book.

How could anyone possibly be expected to get any work done without a fluffy rug?

But it all adds to the mysticism of ‘Working from home’ when it’s something we’ve been doing well for a long time. A recent study found that 84% of businesses in the UK now offer flexible working solutions to attract relevant and new talent to their organisations. In a Bloomberg article published today, the UK ranked top of countries with the lowest ‘Proportion of individuals who have never worked from home last year’. If we also think about the steps that our industry has made over the years to streamline the Insurance process, be that through PPL or Whitespace. The solutions are there and while there will be teething issues in implementation it will be interesting, from our standpoint, to see who gets out of the blocks and trading quickest. They will enjoy a potentially unrealised upside…

As recruiters we spend most of our time having conversations with our candidates or clients, but the reality is that most of them end up being fractious and short. Our Talent is too busy being good at their job, running from meeting to meeting or traveling. However, with people WFH, our talent pool is much more ready to have an open discussion about everything and anything. More meaningful conversations are being had with a higher chance people finding the right organisation for them and vice versa.

If our candidates are able to talk to us more openly, it wouldn’t be a stretch to suggest that our clients wouldn’t be able to enjoy the same level of access. With the software that Arthur Financial has invested in we are able to keep the hiring process in full swing between clients and candidates. Be that through Webcam Interviews or telephone conferencing and it’s arguable that a better job of screening and vetting can be achieved through this method than in an office environment.

If you’d like to hear more about the steps that Arthur Financial has taken to ensure that the best talent is continuing to find the best home, feel free to drop us a line.


By Nathan Wills


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