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Video Interviews: our response to COVID-19

Working from home in light of COVID-19 has been interesting to say the least. From using Microsoft teams for light banter with your colleagues (and work), the Houseparty app and smashing Disney + (which is way better than Netflix), everyone is dealing with isolation in their own way.

That being said, it is pleasing to see how our clients are not letting the current pandemic affect recruitment and are moving forward with video interviews. There are several platforms now available on the market which make incorporating video interviews seamless such as Skype, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts etc.


Many of us are quite familiar with the basics of face-to-face interview etiquette. Here are some of my top tips if you’re preparing for a video interview in the coming weeks:

-Treat it like you would a face-to-face interview so professional wear, eye contact, good posture etc.

-Make sure you’re in a quiet place away from family members

-Make sure everyone knows you are on an important call and cannot be disturbed

-Check the lighting in the room with the webcam you are using

-Position your webcam appropriately so you are visible to the client

-Always test your webcam and video software you are using prior to the interview

-As with face-to-face interviews, make sure your phone is on silent!

-Make sure the laptop, video software and webcam are ready at least 5 minutes prior to the interview so you are ready to answer the call when it comes through.

-It is naturally more difficult to demonstrate your enthusiasm and build rapport over a video call. This is why it is crucial to smile to show you are engaged and use hand gestures to get your point across.

-And most importantly, remember to relax and be yourself! This will help you get your personality across to the interviewer.


Hope that helps guys. Feel free to get in touch for further interview advice or just to have a general chat – or 0203 5877 915


By Ibrahim Ali


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