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Competency Based Interview Questions

The interviewer will ask you to describe a situation which demonstrates your abilities that will be integral to the role you’re interviewing for.

Answering Competency Based Questions Answers are very structured, so we recommend the STAR technique, describing the:

S = Situation
T = Task required as a result
A = Action you took
R = Result of that action.

Examples of competency based Questions…

When was your work or an idea challenged?

Looking to find out your flexibility, decisiveness, tenacity, knowledge, independence, risk taking and personal integrity

When did you lead a group to achieve an objective? (Managerial Question)

Ability to take charge of other people; leadership, empowerment, strategic thinking, corporate sensitivity, project management and managerial control

When have you identified a new approach to a problem?

Your decision making abilities; innovation, analytical skills, problem solving, practical learning and attention to detail.

Describe a situation where you got people to work together

Many workplaces function on the basis of project teams and the more collaborative they are the more likely they are to succeed

When did you work the hardest and feel the greatest sense of achievement?

The things that drive you; resilience, energy, motivation, result-orientation, initiative and quality focus

Finally remember:

-Be yourself when answering competency questions

-Use real life examples and relate them to your experience

-How you reacted or how it made you feel