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How To Impress At Your Interview

Planning before the Interview:

-Arrive on time, if not 10 minutes early, for your interview

-Punctuality is a strong indicator of your professionalism and enthusiasm for the role.

-Research the address and how you are going to get there. Give yourself plenty of time for traffic, train delays or any other obstacles that may arise on the day.

Be professional:

-Your career depends on this interview so it’s important you act professionally and remain serious during the entire period of the job interview.

-Do not chew gum, slouch in your chair or crack jokes. It’s true some employers might not mind the odd joke, and sometimes it may lighten the atmosphere, but it’s hard to know whether the employer who is interviewing you appreciates a joke or not. Therefore, it’s best to steer clear and focus on being professional.

Dress to impress:

-Your appearance reflects on how serious you are taking the role.

-Wear appropriate clothes that indicate how you would represent the company. A neat, tidy and clean appearance will portray professionalism.

-Make sure that you do not over dress by wearing too much jewellery or a bottle of perfume.

Keep your composure:

It is important to remain as relaxed as possible. Even the most seasoned professional can get interview nerves. Preparing thoroughly will help you to maintain your composure. Remember that both you and the interviewer want a successful outcome from the interview.

Be confident:

-No doubt your nerves will be all over the place and your heart may feel like it’s going to beat out of your chest, but it is critical to remain confident right from the beginning.

-Greet your interviewer standing, with a firm handshake, good eye contact and a smile.

-Researching interview questions and preparing examples beforehand will lift your confidence when answering questions.

Make them remember you:

-Close the interview with a handshake, a smile and a genuine thank you.

-A brief, friendly email thanking the interviewer for their time and consideration is often viewed positively.

-Restating your enthusiasm for the role could be a deciding factor as to whether you are offered the job.