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Telephone & Video Interviews

Many companies have been conducting interviews over the phone or video call during the lockdown.

Five ways to guarantee your telephone or video interview goes well:

1) Telephone: Use a landline if possible as mobiles can lose signal

2) Video: Check your internet connection and the video software works prior to the interview

3) Dress up – you’ll rise to the occasion

4) Choose a quiet space with a suitable back drop for video interviews

5) Have your CV and the job description to hand


Ten mistakes to avoid:

1) Not being prepared

Find out in advance exactly who will be interviewing you and how long the interview will last. Research into the company and the people will make for a more relaxed interview experience.

2) Not rising to the occasion

Dress well; you will feel and sound more confident and animated. Pick a good back drop for a video call.

3) Not verbalizing

You may be used to droning on to your friends over the phone or via video call but this won’t wash in an interview – Make sure your responses are clear, concise and succinct and that you make yourself audible at all times.

4) Not being confident

Always keep in mind that you’re the right person for the job on offer, so sell yourself as such.

5) Not listening to the interviewer

Pay extra attention to what’s being asked of you and attempt to decipher and reciprocate the mood being set by the interviewer.

6) Not knowing when to keep quiet

Remember, if you ramble on for too long, the interviewer will become easily distracted by their computer screen or by what’s going on out the window, so try to keep your answers to under one minute.

7) Not having notes to hand

Phone and video interviews provide you with a unique opportunity of having your CV, job specification, company research and personal notes in front of you, so have them to hand and make use of them while you can

8) Not preparing your response

As with any interview, you’re likely to be dealt difficult questions, such as “tell me about yourself” and “what do you feel you can bring to this company” – so, prepare and have your answers ready in advance

9) Not asking what happens next

Many interviewees hang up at the end of a phone interview without knowing where they stand. Better to sign off by telling your interviewer that you are very interested in the position and by asking, what happens next?

10) Bad connection or running late

Make sure you have a good connection and that your locked away for any potential noise or distractions, ie – Your pets or children. Make sure you’re on time and have tested the software your using prior to the call.