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Arthur Experience

A day in the life of Dominic Mabbs - Managing Consultant

Meet Dominic, proud dad to adorable Elody, builder of a new finance desk at Arthur and fully remote!

A typical day for me

I wake up early with my little one, Elody, enjoy a little cuddle with her and check my emails. I log on about 8.30am, plan my day and prioritise my activities. My morning focus is clients, following up with existing and potential clients and business development.

This takes me nicely to lunch about 12ish (and squeeze in another cuddle with my daughter).  Developing a talent pool is a big part of my day, being a new desk, to develop an established network.  Delivering an extensive number of roles across many clients takes up the afternoon.  Then I pop down for another cuddle about 4ish and try and catch up with candidates between 5.30pm and 6pm when working from home – those he hasn’t’ been able to speak with.

Then I put on my chef’s hat and cook dinner for my wife and I and spend time with my family,  watch some TV and be in bed for 10pm (in preparation of getting woken up throughout the night. 😊)

What excites me the most at work?

What most excites me about working at Arthur is the genuinely collaborative environment. Most firms say that they support this way of working but very few people follow through. Also the fact that everyone is doing well, people are supported if they’re not doing well in a constructive way. Continuous help, everything is followed through with. Everyone will discuss ideas and then be instrumental in implementing what’s been discussed. There’s a real element of transparency and things aren’t brushed under the carpet. Everything is structured, structured for us to bill more, be happy, and truly have a work-life balance that I use to spend time with my family. In my experience I can truly say that you don’t get that in many other businesses.

The highlight

The highlight of my week is usually tea and a mid-week catch up to see where we are against where we said we’d be, where we’re tracking, and throwing ideas around.

The best bit about Arthur is collaboration, professionalism, and everyone being in it together. It’s not about internal competition – it’s about championing each other to succeed.

What is it like starting a new job remotely?

I started my career at Arthur remotely during the end of 2020. This experience wasn’t as difficult as I thought it could be. I did come into the office a few days a week when first joining. The collaborative time that we spend as a business is very structured, useful, and succinct. To ensure that we drive the biggest impact we can within the business, we have regular meetings with a range of people across the business including other managers, heads of teams, alongside company-wide meetings and virtual social events to make me feel part of the business and company culture. It really felt like I really know people I’ve never even met.

Full time remote – how is that?

I’m lucky to have a home office to separate work and home. It’s important that I’m disciplined with my time. I have more productive period in day and more time to have moments spending time with my daughter. I was home to see her roll over for the first time. These are the moments I’m talking about. I really utilise the flexibility I’ve been fortunate enough to receive and I’m trusted to manage my own time.

Selling Arthur is easy!

The culture most business say they have but don’t. We’re the opposite. We genuinely do live an incredible culture here. If you put in the effort, the senior management team will make sure you do well – no question. Everyone is invested in your success, not just from a monetary point of view and the flexibility of course – and amazing benefits!